TINY FINGERS (isr - rock/electro)

Fontaine Palace, Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
20.06.2014. 23:00

TINY FINGERS (isr – rock/electro)
+ DJ Enkurs

Tiny Fingers combine post-rock, live electronics,psychedelic and groove, forming a powerful, super-intensive musical mix. With broken beats, unique guitar playing, fat bass and fresh synthesized sounds, they integrate the messy intensity of rock music with the ecstasy of electronic raves, creating a thick, unrelenting sound trip.

An emerging festival favorite both in their home base of Israel and abroad, their live act is a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, leaving the sweaty fans begging for more. It’s led them to be handpicked to open for The Mars Volta, share the stage with Dub Trio, showcase the highly regarded closing party of Brooklyn Veganduring CMJ 2012 in New York and extensively tour Europe.

The band’s debut album, “Massive Fingers Spacetrip”, was released in 2011 to critical acclaim. It was quickly followed by “Foreign Telegrams” in 2012, written and recorded during one intense session and receiving even more praise than its predecessor (“One of the top 10 Israeli albums of the year” – Ha’aretz). Later that year Tiny Fingers released “Megafauna”, an album comprised solely of one long instrumental live set. They recently issued their 4th release, titled“We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher”.



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