The Fisherman and Dr. Dan & The Silent Invention

Depo, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga
29.09.2018. 22:00

The Fisherman & The Sea (FI – indie/ folk)
The Fisherman & The Sea play an enchanting mixture of acoustic indie rock and folk pop with echoes of grunge sprinkled atop every once in a while. Their energetic and engaging live performance have left their audiences longing for more and assured at the same time that someone is still writing great pop songs with heart, humour and passion that you can sing along to.
The Fisherman & The Sea have released two EP’s so far and will release two more before their first album. The debut EP ’Beggar Princess’ already earned them nominations for ”Best Alternative/Adult Album Alternative Song” at the 2018 International Acoustic Music Awards and for ”Best International Band/Artist” at the 2017 Los Angeles Music Critic Awards. It was also featured as ’New & Notable’ on industry site for a week. With their second EP ’Stuck With A Rhyme’ released in December 2017, they’ve managed to increase their independent radio airplay both in the US and the UK and received rave reviews especially from the US. They have also been featured on New Jersey’s BlowUpRadio New Music Sampler with the title track.

Dr. Dan & The Silent Invention (UK – singer/ songwriter)
Dr. Dan & The Silent Invention are the brainchild of UK born Daniel Beech. The Silent Invention come in many forms, from a second acoustic guitarist to a full line-up with additional string sections, whatever works for the current thought process! Ever since he can remember Daniel has been writing and playing in original bands and has many other projects ongoing even now.
From songs about political decision-making to divorce, stupid people to nuclear war, Dr. Dan’s lyrics will trigger emotions, evoke fresh thoughts and generally take you on a journey through his eyes.
Last year a short solo tour in support of Rebecca Clamp and On My Isle (DE) brought a surge of interest and this year, touring as a duo, Dr. Dan hopes to have more ears and eyes to perform to. Currently recording debut material which will (hopefully) see the light around the time of these dates


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