Tanator [RUS], Moratory [RUS] + Terror Activator [LV]

Depo, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga
12.07.2018. 20:00
2-4 EUR

- 4 euro,
- 3 euro ar flaijeri no
- 2 euro, ja savlaicīgi esi atzīmējies facebook kā DOSIES
- 1. stāvā ieeja BRĪVA

Tanator ( Thrash/ Death metal with punk soul)
Tanator was given birth in 2012 by Alligator and Egor Petrov. Located in St.-Petersburg, Russia. Later incorporated members of Pyre, Bolo, Mortal Virus, etc. The first album was DIY recorded in 2014 and released on DIY tapes. It was released in 2016 on CD by Grotesque Records.
line-up: Alligator - guitars/voc
Ega - bass/back voc
Paul - drums

Moratory ( crossover d-beat metalpunk )
Moratory is St.-Petersburg based d-beat metalpunk band which consists of Ilia - bass, vox Alex - guitar, vox Vlad - drums. Moratory was formed under the influence of bands such as Driller Killer, Toxic Holocaust, Wolfbrigade, Slayer. Since 2015 the band actively played on gigs, and in 2016 self-titled EP was recorded, consisting of two songs. The first full-length album "Confrontation" was recorded in autumn 2017

„Terror Activator” - crossover/thrash metal band from Riga, Latvia that has started their road in January 2017.
In July we finally got all band members together and began to work on our own stuff. In September we played few gigs and then decided to take part in competition for young metal bands called Fresh Blood. Luckily, we took first place.
Our genre is a combination of each member's point of view. Usually, we take inspiration not only from old school thrash metal bands, but also from new wave of thrash metal.
Today we actively keep working, performing and partying.
Very soon you'll be able to check out our debut single!
Band members:
Ernie - vocals
Vadim - guitar
Eddie - guitar
Alex - bass
Paul - drums


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