Melnā Piektdiena, Brīvības gatve 193c, Rīga
09.02.2013. 21:00

SKULL VOMIT (USA) Skull Vomit is Tony Welter, half of the great duo Eustachian, the very important band of electro/cybergrind/breakcore ( His solo project is heavily metal influenced, 'spastic' and straight forward breakcore/speedcore. Having released a killer debut release for Cock Rock Disco, there's more Skull Vomit surfacing for us to enjoy. Watch out for the new EP coming out on Hellfish's Label "Death Chant" in March 2013. Toured last years all over Europe with artists such as The Teknoist, Ladyscraper, Captain Ahab and Sickboy. Played also along side acts like Skinny Puppy, Venetian Snares, Hella, Otto Von Schirach, The Locust, Enduser, Kid606 etc. Labels: Cock Rock Disco, Peace Off, Grindcore Karaoke, Ninja Columbo, Ad Noiseam.


Tour promo
Live @ Dour Festival
Song with Otto Von Schirach
Skull Vomit - Anamlech



Ritual landscapes and mad woods. Born and raised
in Omsk (Siberia), Borovik Eralash makes stuff between horror rave, cybergrind
chanson, and Russian folk hardcore. Borovik recreates the music of the
outside world with horns
(zhaleyka, vologodskiy rozhok, trombone, etc.), old toys and
synthesizers, hand-claps, and any item he got. Using these sounds in
combination with his own
post-apocalyptic mythology, Borovik has been known to baffle and
change audience's minds. Known both by stunt performances and
outstanding video works - from psy sacral cartoons to cryptozoology

Since 2007 Borovik has performed in Russia, Japan, Belorussia,
Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania, and Italy.
He has participated in festivals Bloodnok, Noise Vs Glamour,
Gravenoise, SKIF, ZXZW, Body Navigation, Yeti Potlatch etc.
Collaborated / toured with Bardoseneticcube, Noises of Russia,
Monopolka, Ankylym, Alexei Borisov, Kylie Minoise, Pichismo, Dave
Phillips, Justice Yeldham, Company Fuck  and many more.
Runs the label O[k]hlupeng for psychedelic/outsider music releasing
tapes, CDs, DVDs,
and floppy disks.

"Underground ragga-harsh and ritual chanson in magic theater form by
the owner of the main Russian schizolabel O[k]hlupeng. Mystic roots
underside made with
international range. Denying folk-pop speculation, Borovik Eralash
bites into the sum and substance
of Russian madness - in one pot: noise mystic and Slavic spell,
digital exorcism and tramp
moods, as a result - viscous songs directing us from usual reality to
the Otherworld." - Felix Sandalov, Afisha
"Siberian electronic maker Borovik Eralash made desired cool musical
destroy. I knew that will be weird garbage costumes (especially
impressed masks and elk hide), that
fragments seems to be chaotic, that hardcore now must be only digital.
But evidently great
that all the elements perceived
as the holistic act." - Radif Kashapov,
"Here some songs of Borovik Eralash. His performance got 10 out of 10
on our scale" - E:\music\outsider


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