Sibyl Vane /rock, indie, alternative/ (EST, Pärnu) + vonKuusk /experimental/ (EST, Tartu)

Artilērijas Pagrabi, Rīgas iela 22, Daugavpils
19.09.2015. 21:30
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Sibyl Vane is a melancholic indie/alternative rock trio with popish, bluesy and even punky touch in their music. Band is led by female guitarist, singer and songwriter Helena Randlaht, who happens to be the only actual singing female rock guitarist around his homeland – Estonia. That might be the reason why Swedish guitar manufacturer Hagström signed her to their dignified roster. Musically influenced by great variety of acts starting with 30s Jazz to System of a Down. Their loud and powerful shows have gained good reviews all over Baltics, but their music has spread the word even further, like Belgium and Portugal for example. Sibyl Vane’s debut album “Love, Holy Water and TV” was released by Latvian indie record label I Love You Records on 2012 and after that they have been playing all over Baltics, Sweden, Finland, UK and even Ukraine. Finnish music blog NRGM states that they are the most potential from Estonian bands to break through internationally.



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