Pedal To The Metal

Fontaine Palace, Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
06.04.2013. 23:00
1 Ls

ZORG is an Estonian experimental metal band that flirts with hip hop, industrial, trip hop etc. The beginning of ZORG dates back to December 1999 when first demo songs were uploaded to couple of internet sites. In 2001, the debut album ìArti ficialî was released and band had their first live performance in Von Krahl premises.

In 2011 ZORG released their first video. It was for titlesong ROOSTE and was made in pixillation technique. In 2011 ZORG released their whole back catalogue. All previous albums and EPs are downloadable for free on site

2012 was spent at studio, working on new material and recording couple sidekicks (for folkband Kukerpillid compilation and version of Behind The Wheel for

2013 ZORG releases their new, as yet untitled, album.

ZORG is:
Lemo – vox; Intz – guitar; Dr.R – bass, backvox; GroZmot – synth, sampler, backvox; Joel – drums

Megazetor has an aim to perform its music within the chosen musical genre called progressive thrash/death metal in the highest quality and musical standards both live and in studio, with a unique sound and the intention to think as well as make others think through their music.

After the initial difficulties, they released the Drug You Daily Crave EP in 2004 and the Dying Process LP in 2008. Both records were critically acclaimed.

Megazetor appeared at Metalfest Open Air Hungary 2010 and played several times as support with bands like Artillery, HateSphere, Kalapacs, Sear Bliss and many more. They organized and financed two tours to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 2009 and 2010.

They’re going to release our new record, Sandstorm in an Hourglass EP on early 2013 along with their first music video and their second self-financed tour to the Baltic states.


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