OPUS PRO, FIGURE OF SIX (ita – hard rock)

Fontaine Palace, Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
26.07.2013. 23:00
2 Ls

FIGURE OF SIX from Italy is a modern Metal band – including keyboards and electronic elements. Their new album BRAND NEW LIFE (their 3rd), will not only please the wowing fans, but also wants to make all the other people in the world to supporters. Powerful music, intriguing rhythms and sharp guitars, enhanced by synths and orchestral parts, creates the right dimension for the powerful and melodic vocals from singer Erk.

With an great live show, the six members of FIGURE OF SIX draw in their audiences. They have played extensively and supported Dillinger Escape Plan, Poison The Well, Dry Kill Logic, Hatesphere and Extrema as well as appearing at festival gigs throughout the years. The band have been able to win over a solid fan base everywhere.


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