Kaschalot I Ocean Districts I Liblikas 24.10 at Republika

Republika, Pils iela 14, Riga, Latvia LV-1050
24.10.2018. 20:00

Kaschalot is an instrumental math/post rock quartet from Tallinn, Estonia. Their music is a perfect blend of melancholic and pop sounding melodies mixed with heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drums patterns, complemented by diversified song structures. During their fall '18 tour they present material from their debut LP "Whale Songs" that comes out in October 2018.

Ocean Districts is a 4-piece instrumental band from Tallinn, Estonia. The band started as a one-man side project in 2011, but gradually evolved into a live-band. Debut album "Expeditions" was released in 2014 with a presentation concert to a sold-out crowd. It has since received positive feedback from all over the globe. Ocean Districts was the direct support for post-rock behemoths God Is An Astronaut in Estonia and Latvia followed by a tour in Finland and notable supporting gigs with Solstafir, Alcest & Dirge. First official music video was released in December 2014 for the track “Discovery”. At the end of 2015, however, the band for various reasons became inactive and did not rehearse for over 14 months. In 2017 the group got back together, with a new drummer and started re-writing and recording new material for their uncompleted next release "Doomtowns". The 5-track EP will see daylight in October 2018.

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