Fontaine Palace, Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
25.07.2015. 21:00
7 / 10 EUR

Jumprava (LV – Industrial / Instrumental Rock)
Jumprava, a band with a long history, come from Rīga, Latvia. Their songs are mostly written in Latvian and their music has always been rather different from the other popular bands in Latvia. Some have even called them “the Latvian Depeche Mode”. Their songs are very melodic and can be characterized as synth-pop and rock. The band has always been experimental and they have tried to use different sources of sounds within their songs – be that coming from folk music, everyday life or completely synthetic.

Even though their main popularity was in the 80s and 90s, they still remain favorites for both older and younger listeners. Even their later albums and best song collections have been a success. A classic slice of Latvian past & present for your pleasure.




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