GIN GA, Flame & The Rolltones

Latvijas Pirmā Rokkafejnīca, Mārstaļu iela 2/4
22.05.2015. 22:30
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22. maijā sadarbībā ar I Love You Records un Austrijas Vēstniecību Rīgā grupa GIN GA


"GIN GA are open to a huge spectrum of influences and instruments. They interpret Pop as an art form without forgetting the entertainment aspect of it. GIN GA generates a pressure similar to The Talking Heads in their best years. Even the vocals sometimes reach this absolute energy that David Byrne used to develop. (Zitty Magazin - Berlin)

The L.A. Music Blog put GIN GA on their top 5 bands playing at the 2011 Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles, describing their sound as "... epic sounding music with a wicked ´80s attire..." Danish music magazine Gaffacharacterises GIN GA as "... solid guitar pop with a mighty synthesizer sound. Fragile violine parts with empathic indie pop..."

Band Of The Day describes GIN GA´s music as "Synth Pop made to soundtrack epic nights of reckless abandon"
Over the past three years , GIN GA toured across Europe and along the US west coast, performing in lots of clubs, festivals and showcase festivals like Eurosonic, Spot Festival, Culture Collide Festival, Tallin Music Week, Primavera Sound Festival etc..

The band successfully released 3 singles, taken from the current album „Yes/No“:
„Dancer“, turned out to be a first momentum for the band when it was picked up by some major radio stations and music media in Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, France and Norway. The two follow up singles „Golden Boy“ and „Remember Whatever“ managed to continue that momentum receiving critical acclaim and airplay in additional countries like Germany, Finland, Latvia, and the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, thanks to the media attention and driven by their energetic live reputation, GIN GA has been playing numerous live shows on club and festival stages throughout Europe, Often being billed as one of those young bands to look out for in the future, they received (sometimes over)enthusiastic reactions from crowds and audiences in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, Romania, Czech Republic, and Hungary, just to name some of the countries they have been touring. Journalists, who have covered the live shows, are equally excited about the band’s performances highlighting their incredible stage energy and their ability to levitate the crowd with their super tight sound.

The fact that the band has been compared to so many different big names, only seems to prove that GIN GA most definitely has a sound of its own; this very special GIN GA touch which tastes like a perfect cocktail of rock, indie, folk, new wave and electropop stirred with some darn good songwriting. 
With the upcoming new album, which is scheduled to be released in May2015, the band will be more than ready to break more ground.

• 2. Stāvs: 
19:00 Vans filmas 
"Propeller" pirmizrāde
22:30 koncertā grupa

21:00 DJ Pasaka
Nakts ballīte ar: 

Flame &
The Rolltones

• 1. Stāvs: 
20:00 DJ Kārlis Blumfelds

• Klavierbārs: 
22:00 karaoke 



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