Condescension (black/death metal)

Melno Cepurīšu Balerija, Raiņa iela 28, Jelgava
06.03.2020. 22:00
No 2 EUR

Condescension is a black / death metal act from Estonia, Narva formed in 2014. Band quickly gained recognition in the local scene after their debut EP titled "Wrath of the Skies" in 2015.

After changes in line-up, the band started working on single titled "Eden in Ashes" which was released digitally in early 2016. During the same year, band announced another line-up change - Ivars Veidelis from Latvia (known from bands Kapakmens, Collide, Incinerate Divinity) joined the band as band's new vocalist. The same year band's new line-up debuted on stage of Wacken Metal Battle Estonia.

Year 2017 marks yet another line-up change - Katya of Estonian prog metal band Emphasis joins as the band's new bassist. With the new line-up, band plays several shows in Estonia and, for the first time, a show in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

After last gigs in autumn 2017, band goes on a hiatus, to write material for the debut album. Band has shared stage with Brazilian metal legends Sepultura, Primordial, Batushka, Destruction, Hate, Unearthly, NU-NATION, Horricane, Loits and many others, aswell as taken part in Wacken Metal Battle Estonia 2016, legendary estonian festival Hard Rock Laager 2017, True and Evil 2017 and russian Heretic Fest IV 2017.


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