Call Tracy [CZE], Primal Spirit [RU] + BellToll

Depo, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga
22.07.2017. 21:00

Call Tracy (CZE – pop punk)

Primal Spirit (RU – hc)

BellToll (LV – hc)

Call Tracy is a 5-piece pop punk band based in Prague. Founded in 2011, Call Tracy have so far released 3 studio albums Duties & Desires (2012), You Know I Have Tried (2013), and Golden Cage (2014) with the fourth one, called Disfavor, set to be released in March 2017.

Having done a full European co-headline tour with the hardcore band Hopes and playing as many shows as possible over the years, Call Tracy have become the leading act of the Czech pop punk scene, among other things having supported such names as The Story so Far, Handguns, or Get the Shot and appearing at major Czech rock festivals. The band made their TV appearance in 2015 on TV Ocko, the largest music TV channel in the Czech Republic.

Primal Spirit is a band of metalcore warriors from Russia. They will crush your skulls with overblasting riffs. Shared the stage with Deez Nuts in Riga.


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