Barren Womb [NOR/ FIN] - Goatburner [FIN] - Dead City Holidays

Depo, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga
01.11.2018. 20:00

Barren Womb (NOR/ FIN – noise rock)

Goatburner (FIN – sludge)

Dead City Holidays (LV – rock)


Nearly three years since their last full length release, Barren Womb return with "Old Money / New Lows": A jarring, mid-tempo dirge in 8 movements that sees the band further evolving into an animal all of its own. Since their inception in late 2011, the Nordic heavy noise rockers have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their minimalistic approach, earsplitting volume and defiant experimentation. The duo, comprising singer/drummer Timo Silvola and singer/guitarist Tony Gonzalez, make efficient use of crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across. From the sparse drumming and venomous narrative of album-opener "Crook Look", all the way through to the haunting, epic finale of "Russian Handkerchief", "Old Money / New Lows" repeatedly hits like a ton of bricks. Perhaps not immediately apparent though, is the catchiness buried beneath the nastiness. Sure, with its wall of abrasive guitars, screamed vocals and pummelling drums, there’s heaviness by the truckload here, but there’s also a newfound pop sensibility, perhaps most evident on "Theory Of Anything". The slower tempos offered have given the compositions more room to breathe and opened up for a more melodic approach. It has hooks, but in the same way AmRep or Dischord records had hooks. "You’ll never get out of this world alive" Tony desperately howls on the slow burning "Drive-Thru Liquor Store", setting a menacing tone while at the same time paying homage to an old country hero. Thematically, Barren Womb continue to explore the dystopian universe they’ve created, this time delving deeper than ever before through fragmented stories and unsettling observations. The album was recorded live and mixed by Håkon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho, Bertine Zetlitz, Ida Jenshus), with mastering duties handled by Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound, Morbid Evils). Adorning the cover is an original painting by artist and longtime collaborator Ole Spangrud. "Old Money / New Lows" will be released February 16th on CD, limited vinyl and digital through Spartan Records / Loyal Blood Records.


GOATBURNER BIOGRAPHY Goatburner took off on one burning hot summer night of 2017 in the depths of Helsinki after few ideas were thrown around by the drummer Spider and guitarist/vocalist Kaos. Main idea was to start writing unique songs in vein of the deathmetal heroes from late 80's and early 90's with some new spices from negative sludge and powerviolence madness. The duo entered the 1st rehearsals open-minded, not knowing that they will spend many other nights together writing and arranging their debut releases, to be recorded in just 6 months later. Being a duo was feeling so effective and simple, that they decided to keep it at that as Kaos has done his pedal and amplifier research with Morbid Evils and got his vocals into sharpened, cutting through shape with the Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound. Spider had done his share of songwriting and drumming with Ratface hardcore, cult-chaos outfit Pikakassa and techdeath band Skulmagot. They felt confident about the minimalistic approach as time went on and decided to book Chaotic Doom Cave Studios for one weekend in January 2018 to record their first efforts as a band. The debut session was recorded as organic and live as the band is and was finished after just 3 days in the caves of doom and chaos. Goatburner tracked total 13 songs, of which 2 were spontaneously written at the very end of the session. "Time to Burn"-EP contains the 3 of the early tracks ("Time to Burn", "Melting Misery", "White Death") of the short history and closes with the experimental closing track "Scorched", which also finished the session. "Time to Burn" was one of the cornerstones of the songwriting for the full-length to be assembled together from 9 other tracks among it for the debut full-length. Goatburner is currently spending time at the Helsinki rehearsal cave to make their mean recordings even meaner for live performances to come. Catch them up on upcoming tours in all continents! Goatburner is: Spider (Jaakko Forsman) - drums, artwork Kaos (Keijo Niinimaa) - guitar, vocals, production, booking, management


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