Fontaine Palace, Dzirnavu iela 4, Liepāja
23.02.2013. 23:00
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B-Sea Surfers (Baltic Sea Surfers) are the pioneers of surf-rock in Latvia, currently remaining a unique band of this music genre throughout the three Baltic States.

BSS was founded in 2005, after the leader of the band Igor heard The Lively Ones’ album and was simply mesmerized by surf music, the sound of guitars and the style of playing. Igor started creating music as a „one-man band” and managed to publish his material on an American record label, also participating in different surf-music collaborations.

By autumn 2007 BSS got a full line-up, committing themselves to spread positive vibrations, popularize surf-rock and instrumental music in general. Since then BSS had many concerts in various venues in their home country Latvia, participated in different festivals, had live radio shows and shared the stage with some of the best instrumental bands from Europe.

BSS enjoy mixing different ethnic and popular tunes in their music, which makes it sound like something similar to “Instro-Surf-Rock-Psycho-Latin-Bla-Bla-billy”.

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