Adaptaciya [RU] + Elektropartizany [RU]

Depo, Vaļņu iela 32, Rīga
11.04.2018. 20:00

Adaptaciya (АДАПТАЦИЯ) (RU – rock/ punk)

Elektropartizany (Электрические Партизаны) (RU – rock/punk)

- 5 euro,
- 1. stāvā ieeja BRĪVA

ADAPTATSIYA is one of the most touring and famous underground teams, whose songs for 25 years of the band's existence have become the voice of a whole generation of young people. The voice of the streets, understandable to listeners from Vladivostok to Barcelona, from Aktobe to Paris ... Slashing punk rock - and making the hearts tremble the guitar solos ... The band has experienced several musical epochs. ADAPTATSIYA has changed but the energy and individual intonation of the group has always been preserved. Most importantly: the band found its listener, reached out to the minds and souls of thousands of people, making it clear that you can change the world around - and should! - but only you yourself.

ElektopartiZany are activists of cultural resistance, consciously keeping away from the mainstream - but at the forefront of the problems of modern society, playing socially-oriented punk rock, as well as songs of philosophical and surreal content.
The founder, ideological inspirer and songwriter is the iconic St. Petersburg musician Vadim Kurylov, an anarchist and pacifist, known for his irreconcilable attitude towards all the vices of the capitalist bourgeois world.


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