FIEND. Melodic Death Metal Band

FIEND 08.10.2014. 22:48
Melodic Death Metal Band
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Founded by Leos Hellscream in 2007.
Through the years of work FIEND got a lot of good
reviews about it's first album "The blooming tremble"
and EP "The Ghost", which are well-known in many countries. FIEND has great experience
playing big shows and tours with such star bands like
Children of Bodom, Norther, PAIN, Betraying The Martyrs.
Interesting fact - FIEND has girl drummer.
Two years ago FIEND decided to mix and master it's
second album "Before My Eyes..." on Astia Studio with
famous Platinum sound engineer Anssi Kippo.
It was a big step for the band. This album was released
on digital stores worldwide.
In 2012 FIEND toured in Europe and then band went to
Los Angeles (CA) to record it's new EP "2012" on
Am Production Studios. This CD was produced by Raymond
Herrera (ex Fear Factory, Arkaea, 3Evolution) and Jeremy
Blair (Devildriver, Fear Factory, Lamb of God, Guns and Roses).

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