Armageddon Descends 2013-05-11

Nekrokatarsis 18.04.2013. 12:19
Lithuania-based black/death metal activist team ''Nekrokatarsis'' presents their first rites of darkness - "Armageddon Descends festival". Descending in Vilnius on 11th May in club ''Kablys''.
Three lithuanian bands - NAHASH, BURYINIG PLACE and LUCTUS - are lined up for the ceremony. The ritual will culminate with the invasion of polish BESTIAL RAIDS and MEDICO PESTE.
The gig will be opened by Kaunas black metal brigade LUCTUS. They will be presenting their new album ''Stotis'' (Station) and this will be a final stop of their European tour.
BURYING PLACE will present a dose of old-minded death metal. The band is considered as one of the pioneers of Lithuanian death metal and have gained a cult status locally.
Kaunas based black metallers NAHASH do not need many introductionary words.''Armageddon Descends'' will be a rare chance to witness these black metal shamans.
Ritual masses drowning in smoke and black metal that is dark as the plague itself - that is what you can expect from MEDICO PESTE. Last year they released their debut album ''Tremendum et Fascinatio'' which was highly rated by zines and the public. MEDICO PESTE's sound is slow and delusional, breathes death and spite. Be ready to greet the plague doctor in Vilnius!
The night will be closed by the bestial black metal brigade BESTIAL RAIDS. In 2011 one of the most influential non-commercial extreme music labels ''Nuclear War Now!'' released their full-length ''Prime Evil Damnation'' and it has already gained a cult status in the underground. Be prepared for the satanic whirlwind to destroy everything that is still holy!
11th May Vilnius, Kulturos klubas ''Kablys''
(Kauno g. 5)
Doors: 18:00 Start: 18:30
Tickets: 40 lt/12 euro/ 8lv
Organised by black/death metal activist team Nekrokatarsis
Poster: - (by Shaltmira

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