Methane (Sweden) in Riga

Republika, Pils iela 14, Riga, Latvia LV-1050
12.10.2019. 22:00

Schteinberg Oy presents:
12.10.2019, Republika, Riga
Methane (southern groove / thrash metal, Borlänge, Sweden)
Terror Activator (crossover / thrash metal, Riga)
Hell Flower (doom metal, Tallinn, Estonia)
Republika, Mazā Pils iela 11, Riga
Entrance 5/7 euro

Methane formed in the fall of 2012 by American brothers, living in Sweden, Tim Scott (ex-Revenant, ex-HatePlow bassist) and Dylan Campbell together with Tim’s long time friend Jimi Masterbo and drummer Andreas Strom. In 2016 the Swedish groove metallers signed on with Sony’s Dark Star Records after gaining underground recognition for their previous EP releases. The band has also appeared on the soundtrack for Scottish mini series Metalhedz (s03E02 and S03E03) as well as the first ever E-Novel with music How an Atomic Fart Saved The World.
In 2017 Methane released its debut album “The Devil’s Own” on Sony/Dark Star Records which has been met by the press with great reviews. The Band has been touring in Europe supporting the album and gaining a strong and loyal fan base in the European Metal scene with a reputation as an energetic live band. The band has played over 60 shows in 6 countries and on 2 continents. Highlights include U.S. tour , headlining Finnish Tour, Rage of Armageddon Festival (NYC,USA) Metal Inferno Festival (Sweden), Heavy Metal Heart Festival (Helsinki) and opening for bands such as Warbringer, Nervosa, Whiplash and The Haunted .Methane is now joined by new drummer Olle Ekman former singer of Deals Death and Amaranthe. Methane is planning a new assault on Europe in the Winter of 2018 with a string of tour dates already confirmed.
Tim Scott - Bass and Vocals
Dylan Campbell - Guitar
Jimi Masterbo - Guitar
Olle Ekman - Drums

Terror Activator
„Terror Activator” is a crossover / thrash metal band from Riga, Latvia, founded in January 2017.
„Terror Activator” is a fast as hell combination of old school thrash metal and new wave of thrash metal, consists of 5 young hairy beercoholics that are always busy with partying, headbanging and playing some music that probably makes you wanna move and thrash around.
In 2018, the band participated in the „Metalshow Festival” in Latvia with such a bands as „Skyforger”, „Septicflesh”, „Betraying The Martyrs”, „New Disorder”, „Egosystema”, „Frailty”, „Morphium” and many others.
In 2019 ,on 20th of March, after almost 1,5 years of active performing, „Terror Activator” released their debut EP "Moshing is Available".
This year „Terror Activator” participated in „Wacken Metal Battle Latvia” finals and "Kilkim Žaibu" festival with such a bands as "Primordial", "Rotting Christ", "Destroyer 666", "Legion Of The Damned" and other bands.
Band members:
Ernie - vocals
Vadim – guitar, back vocals
Alex – bass, back vocals
Eddie - guitar
Paul – drums

Hell Flower
The combination of progressive energy and doom metal atmosphere, with the penetration of ears, increases the heart rate and pruritus in the throat.
Melodious parts are replaced with сhromatics, heavy guitar riffs, and it’s all harmonize with each other.
Apathetic and depressive vocals are diluted with powerful growling.
The themes of the texts are - war, human whims, natural phenomena and human intervention.
Guitar/vocal - Kirill
Bass guitar - Leon
Drums - Polina


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